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Songs such as Maria bonita, Solamente una vez, Piensa en mí and Veracruz, are only some of the compositions of the much acclaimed author from

It is a building dating from 1582, after being fort was also the convent, presidential palace and prison, has a small museum displaying objects, drawings

It is one of the most important in Latin America, there to appreciate the diversity of ocean ecosystems, which can be found in, standing as

This construction was necessary due to the constant attacks of pirates and buccaneers in the second half of the seventeenth century and early eighteenth centuries.

They began to celebrate from the colonial era, but back then clung holding strictly to their religious character. But the Veracruz Carnival as we know

In the Ripley Museum, “Although you do not believe it”, it offers 14 rooms and more than 230 wax figures, you can admire all kinds of strange objects.

Enjoy the Aquatic Park Inbursa, considered the largest of its kind in Latin America.
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